Yes it is.

Just saying the word “feminism”, invokes so much emotion in different people. Some find the word offensive, some find it endearing, some think the word shouldn’t exist as women are already “equal” to men. Some have made it their life purpose to further feminism, while some have made it their life purpose to ensure the stupidity they consider feminism, must be stopped in their generation.

BUT WHY SO MUCH HASSLE FOR THIS 8-LETTER WORD? Why does it have so much power?

The reason is because the ideology of feminism changes the status quo and it’s not a small change but a massive one. Feminism is freedom from the patriarchy and majority of the world system was built on the patriarchy. Hence that simple 8 letter word feminism is an end to all that and a creation of a new type of world order. The world system was based on the oppression of women as blunt as that sounds it is the truth. It is similar to how the economy of the USA was based on the oppression of black people.
Furthermore, numerous laws were made to protect and ensure that system was held in place. In addition, not only are our laws based on it but a lot of our cultures stem from the oppression of women, and a lot of us are faced with that reality every day. Therefore feminism isn’t just protests and twitter feuds, or as it is commonly called “angry women” or “men haters” it is the fundamental change to the world as we know it. It changes our laws, our ideologies, our culture, our economies, our lives and so much more.

Which is why there is a lot of resistance to it.

Try visualizing it with this simple idea, lets say every day there was a maid who came to your house and cleaned your house, from top to bottom and cooked all of your meals for you for free. And this has been
going on for your whole life. Your parents used this system, your grandparents did and now your children are, this system is what is normal to you, it is what is right to you. Suddenly, out of the blue the
maid tells you she doesn’t want to work for free anymore and that she wants to be paid $30 per day. Even if you had the means to pay her that change would be a shock to you, and often your first reaction
would be anger and you would want to fight that change, because why change something that worked so well for you. Now imagine that your situation was the situation of everyone in the world and all their
maids launched a worldwide revolution asking for payment, imagine how radical that would be, families would fall apart and more. This is why there is opposition to revolutions, because of how much usually change the “status quo”. Although eventually people usually learn to adapt, the transition period is always rough and that is what we are facing.

Life has taught us is change is inevitable, it is the only constant thing in life and it does not ask for your permission. It is evident throughout history, that in general human beings are resistant to change because of the fear of what the uncertainty of that change will bring about. This is visible in complex situations like when a part of nation is trying to secede such as Biafra and South Sudan. It is also visible in simple situations such as not wanting to switch to a new school, changing your favorite hairstyle,
trying a new genre of music, watching your child grow up. New situations are always scary, and it is logical to be afraid or at least concerned for what you don’t know. It is not just logical to be afraid, it is okay to be afraid. However allowing your actions to be controlled by that fear, would be your mistake. Instead you should try to learn what you can about it and understand where people are coming fromand see why it is important.

Because it is important.

The first key to understanding is knowing what feminism really is.


“True feminism is revolution. Feminism is the liberation of women from the values and systems of the patriarchy. Feminism is the movement to challenge and dismantle the patriarchy, raising new generations of humans that do not fall into the same tropes we have…”

Jessica Eaton, Founder of Victim Focus.

This is the definition I stand by and support, it was written by a woman named Jessica Eaton and in her article she explains that feminism is not synonymous with equality, but feminism is a revolution. Feminism is freedom, it is not about equality to men because men are not the standard of what women hope and will achieve. Neither is feminism about overpowering men, it is about freedom from a system that has limited women, their abilities, their careers, their lives, just because they are a different gender.

Let that sink in for a moment.

Feminism is recognizing that men and women are not the same, but we
are still all human beings and should have control over our lives.
Feminism is not a request because the truth is whether you accept it or not, feminism is here to stay and the world is going to change with or without you.

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